University Risk Management Guidelines

The risk management process involves identifying areas of risk/liability and recommending to management means for eliminating, mitigating, transferring or retaining them.  Each member of the RIT community is charged with a responsibility of reviewing his/her own activities.  The office of Risk Management & Insurance will help to facilitiate this process.  For detailed information, click one of the risk topics below. For additional information, contact Melinda Ward, (585) 475-6135.


Academic Fieldtrips & Travel

Drones/Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)

Employee Indemnification

Foreign Travel/Study Abroad (see also Academic Fieldtrips & Travel)

Hoverboards/Self-Balancing Scooters

Process for Complete or Partial Closing of the University

Minors on Campus

Procedures for Handling Claims or Lawsuits

Supplier Contract Management

Travel Assistance (Faculty and Staff)

Travel Assistance (Students)

Vehicle and Driver Safety Procedures