Travel Assistance Services for RIT Students

Students who are working or traveling 100 or more miles away from home or outside of their home country can obtain emergency medical, travel, and personal security assistance 24 hours a day, anywhere in the world through United Healthcare Global/FrontierMEDEX (UHCG), a leading provider of international travel assistance services. 

Examples of services:  coordination of medical care, translation services, emergency medical/security/natural disaster evacuation, replacement of lost documents, and fund transfer.

Please note: Worldwide Travel Assistance coverage is NOT medical/health insurance. UHCG provides 24-hour emergency asssitance services but does not pay medical bills. Students and faculty/staff travelling abroad should ensure they have global medical insurance coverage.

Enrollment Instructions:

Enrollment in this plan is done through your study abroad program coordinator. Your program coordinator needs to complete the Enrollment Form and submit it to Risk Management.  You will then be provided with an electronic copy of the ID card with emergency contact information.

For RIT students planning other RIT related foreign travel:

Enrollment inquiries can be made through your sponsoring RIT department administrator, or contact the Risk Management Office at (585) 475-4903.