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End of the Year: Residence Halls & RIT Inn Residents 2016-2017

Get ready for the End of the Year!

The end of the academic year is quickly approaching and things are only going to get busier for you as the semester progresses. Your housing contract ends on Saturday, May 20, 2017 at 10:00 am. If you are graduating, your contract ends on Sunday, May 21, 2017 at noon. If you have not self-reported that you are graduating, please contact Residence Life staff to inform them.

If you have applied for summer housing, you may remain in your current assignment until your specific move date, at which time you will move to summer interim housing. Refer to the Summer Housing Brochure at You must plan your departure from RIT based on these dates. Below is a checklist to keep you on track for the end of the year. 

  • Make transportation arrangements that coincide with your move-out date and time as stated above.  
  • Make arrangements for off-campus storage. Storage is not allowed in RIT housing. You may not leave belongings with a roommate or a friend who may be staying in RIT housing for the summer to use, store, or watch over. All belongings must be taken off campus. 
  • Resolve any undocumented damages in your room. Contact Donna Black, Housing Operations, at to note any damage concerns. Unresolved damages will be billed equally to all students on contract for spring semester.
  • Return the cable box to Time Warner, if applicable. You may submit maintenance requests online at Submitting a maintenance request does not negate your responsibility if repairs were a result of negligence and/or misconduct. 
  • Remove all trash and unwanted items, vacuum, and wipe down the furniture and shelves before you leave. Help the custodial staff who has taken care of your floor all year long by taking your bags of trash to the outside dumpster in your area.
  • Donate any unwanted goods to Goodbye, Goodbuy! Give your used goods to the campus thrift market at donation locations in your building and near your dumpsters during finals week.


Room Key Return:

  • Return your room key/card by completing a key return envelope. Place your room key/card in the envelope. Residence hall students should return it to Housing Operations in Grace Watson Hall. Keys can be returned 24/7 using the drop box outside of the office door. RIT Inn students should submit the envelope to the front desk of the Inn. 
  • Failure to return your key by your scheduled move-out date will result in a $100 lock change charge.
  • Do not mail back your keys, they will not be processed, and will not result in the reversal of a lock change or charge.


Mailbox Key Return:

  • Residence hall students: Return your mailbox key to the NRH post office during business hours or 24/7 using the mail key slot outside of the office.
  • RIT Inn students: Return your mailbox key at the front desk or 24/7 using the mail key slot in the mail room. 
  • Forwarding Address: To submit your address forwarding information, go to and click on Address Forwarding under Forms.


We hope this checklist helps you prepare for the end of the academic year and checking out of RIT housing. Please contact us with any questions and enjoy your summer!

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