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Your end of fall semester preparation guide - Residence Halls

December 20 - January 26 - The break between the end of fall semester and the start of spring semester

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Leaving for Break? Your action is required!

  • Prepare the room for a new roommate(s) if your roommate(s) is moving out or already moved out by December 20. See Preparing Your Room for a Roommate section below.
  • Empty trash cans.
  • Close and lock windows.
  • Clean out refrigerator, if applicable.
  • Close shades (students living on the first floor only).
  • Lock your room door.
  • Move all electronic equipment off the floor and unplug it.
  • Set your heater to automatic and set room temperature to at least 65 degrees. Do not remove HVAC covers or turn off the valves to the HVAC unit.

Preparing Your Room for a Roommate

If your roommate(s) is moving out or already moved out, you will be assigned a new roommate(s) for spring semester. You are responsible for preparing the room to accommodate your new roommate(s) and creating a welcoming environment and you must do so before the residence halls close on December 20.

Remove all of your items from the vacated area of the room by Friday, December 20. Even if you and your roommate(s) for fall agreed that some of your things could be in his/her area, you need to move them to your area of the room and re-negotiate that with your new roommate(s). The vacated area of the room should look like it did when you moved in at the beginning of fall semester.

NOTHING should be in the vacated area of the room – nothing in or on the closet/wardrobe, dresser, filing cabinet, desk, bed, chair, walls, and floor.

Failing to Prepare Your Room for a Roommate

RIT Housing Operations and Residence Life staff will enter the room to inspect for damages, assess your preparation for a new roommate(s), and to possibly perform maintenance. In addition, the vacated area will be cleaned. If you fail to prepare your room for a roommate(s):

  • Your student account will be immediately charged a double-as-a-single room rate.
  • You may be reassigned to another room.

Not Returning to RIT Housing for Spring Semester

On Friday, December 20, 2013, at 10:00 a.m., the residence halls close for the break and intersession period.

Students not returning to RIT housing for spring semester must return their room key to RIT Housing Operations and have all their belongings removed by Friday, December 20 at 10:00 a.m. Refer to the Residence Hall Check-Out section for instructions on how to properly check-out of your room.

Students needing a later check-out date must contact Donna Black, RIT Housing Operations, at by Friday, December 13. See Residence Halls Closing & Break/Intersession

Residence Hall Check-Out

  • Return your space to move-in condition.
  • Resolve who is responsible for damage in the room prior to leaving and inform your RC. If you don’t settle the matter before you go, the damage will be split equally between you and your roommate(s).
  • Remove all of your items from the room and make the space ready for a new resident. See the Preparing Your Room for a Roommate section.
  • Return your housing key in a completed key return envelope -  available 24/7 at Housing Operations in Grace Watson Hall.
  • Return your mailbox key. Mailbox keys can be returned to the post office in Nathaniel Rochester Hall (NRH) during normal business hours or 24/7 using the key express slot outside of the office.
  • Fill out and submit an online forwarding address form. Be sure to use your middle name or initial on your forwarding address form.

Reminder of Termination Policy

If you remain a registered student and move to non-RIT housing (this includes your parent/guardian’s home), you will be charged a termination fee for breaking your 2013–2014 academic year housing contract. The termination fee is one half of your semester's rent.

Residence Halls Closing & Break/Intersession

Residence halls close for break/intersession at 10:00 a.m., Friday, December 20. Residents must vacate their rooms and leave the residence halls by this time. Please schedule your travel plans accordingly. No access to the building will be allowed prior to Monday, January 20, 2014. Residence Life staff will check all rooms during this break. You do not have to take your belongings with you when you leave for break; however RIT is not liable if anything is missing or damaged upon your return.

Alternate housing is available at the RIT Inn & Conference Center for residence hall residents who are returning for spring semester, and must stay at RIT during any of the time of break/intersession. Students who are not returning for spring semester must vacate the residence halls by 10:00 a.m., Friday, December 20. To arrange a temporary room at the RIT Inn & Conference Center, contact Donna Black at or 585-475-4651 no later than five business days prior to your desired stay. During the time RIT is closed for the holidays, December 25 - January 1, no requests will be processed.

If you are assigned to break/intersession housing at the RIT Inn, your spring semester food debit will be activated on Friday, December 20, therefore, you can use it at any open RIT dining facility over the break. Go to to get the dining facility schedule for break/intersession.

The free shuttle service will run during the break/intersession, with the exception of the days RIT is closed for the holidays, December 25 - January 1. Get the schedule for the shuttle at There is free laundry at the RIT Inn, just like in the residence halls, ask the front desk staff where to find the laundry room. There is no wireless at the RIT Inn; however, there is an Ethernet port in each room.  

The terms of RIT housing and the behavioral expectations remain the same during break/intersession.

Spring Semester Move-In

The residence halls open on Monday, January 20 at 8:00 a.m. for all returning and new incoming students for spring semester. Classes begin on Monday, January 27.

Summer Storage

Storage is not permitted in any RIT housing area. You are responsible for removing all of your items from RIT housing when you check-out and vacate the space. You may not leave any items behind for current or new roommates to use or watch over.

Start making plans for summer storage now. There are several storage companies in the area that work with RIT students. For more information, please contact RIT Housing Operations at (585) 475-2572 or

Summer Housing

Your current 2013-2014 RIT housing contract ends on Saturday, May 23 at 10:00 a.m. If you need to arrange summer RIT housing, you must complete a summer housing contract. Summer housing contracts will be available on March 28, 2014 on the Housing portal - Summer housing will be available in the residence halls, Global Village and a very limited number of apartments and University Commons suites. The process and policies related to summer term assignments will change this upcoming summer due to term start and end dates related to semesters.