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Housing Assignments

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RIT housing offers you a secure, supportive, and inclusive environment for living and learning. We offer a variety of special interest and lifestyle housing communities, as well as a number of features and amenities all at an affordable value to make your college living experience as comfortable and carefree as possible. 

Our team is dedicated to supporting you during your time at RIT and we pride ourselves on working with students one-on-one to ensure all of your assignment and maintenance needs are met. Visit us in Grace Watson Hall (GWH) and contact us at 585-475-2572 or

Submitting Your RIT Housing Contract

Once your tuition deposit is paid or waived, you will have access to the RIT housing contract. Housing contracts are available online beginning in January of every year. Go to to complete your online housing contract. If you require a paper copy of a housing contract, contact RIT Housing Operations at 585-475-2572 or

The Terms and Conditions of Housing, Dining Plans, and Dining Debit Plans must be read and agreed upon prior to you having access to an RIT housing contract. Please read the Terms and Conditions and know what you are agreeing to. Your electronic signature on your housing contract indicates that you have read the Terms and Conditions and agree to abide by them.

Special Interest Houses

If you are interested in applying to a Special Interest House, you will find the Special Interest House application is part of the online housing contract. You are required to complete several essay questions as part of the Special Interest House application. Members of each house, staff from Residence Life and Housing Operations, and academic advisers form a selection committee in order to select the new members through the written application process. Placement is based on a selection process, not a first-come, first-served basis. Applying to a house does not guarantee acceptance to the house. Special Interest House applications must be received by May 1 in order to be considered for fall term membership. If you prefer a paper copy of a Special Interest House application, please contact RIT Housing Operations at 585-475-2572 or

Lifestyle Options Floors

There are a variety of lifestyle living arrangements available. You may select a room on a special lifestyle floor when you select your room online via By selecting a room on a special lifestyle floor, you are agreeing to live by the community standards of that floor. Due to limited space, we cannot guarantee you a space on a special lifestyle floor. Opposite sex visitation is allowed on single-sex floors.

Accommodations for Students with Disabilities and Special Medical Needs

All requests for special housing based on medical or disability needs must be placed with the Office of Disability Services. Severe allergies that cannot be managed with medication are the only types of allergies that may qualify for a special housing accommodation. For fall entrance, please submit the Application for Services for Students with Disabilities by June 1 and contact the Office of Disability Services at 585-475-2023 as early as possible to discuss your needs.

Incoming RIT and NTID Freshmen

Freshmen entering RIT from high school are guaranteed RIT housing. All entering freshmen who do not live with their parent(s) or guardian(s) within a 30-mile commuting distance are required to live in an RIT residence hall for a full academic year. Entering freshmen whose credit hours rise above first-year status due to AP credit or college courses taken in high school continue to be bound by this residency requirement.

All entering freshmen will have the opportunity to select their own roommate and residence hall room assignment on a first-come, first-served basis, depending upon the receipt date of your Acceptance of Admission Deposit and the receipt date of your freshman housing contract. In some situations, students, such as those last to be admitted, may be placed in temporary housing (i.e., rooms with expanded occupancy, vacancies in special interest housing, or local hotels) until residence hall placements become available. To complete a freshman housing contract, visit

Transfer and Graduate Students

Transfer and graduate students are assigned RIT housing on a space-available basis following the postmark date of the Acceptance of Admission deposit and the receipt date of the housing contract. Housing is not guaranteed for transfer and graduate students. Some transfer and graduate students will be assigned RIT housing or will receive temporary housing until permanent RIT housing becomes available during fall and winter terms. To complete an upperclassmen, transfer, graduate housing contract, visit

Current students

Every December, current RIT students will have the opportunity to participate in our Housing Selection process to obtain RIT housing for the next academic year. Every eligible student who participates in the process will be offered RIT housing. Students are assigned RIT housing in class order with current first-year students going first, followed by second-, third-, fourth-, and fifth-year students. Residence halls, the RIT Inn, Global Village, and a limited number of RIT apartments and University Commons suites will be offered.

The Housing Connection

Current RIT students looking for RIT housing or additional roommates can use our online Housing Connection service. Visit for more information.