Mail Services

Interoffice Mail

All interoffice mail distribution is handled by the HUB Mailing Department. For information please contact Dan Bragg at 475-2300 or via e-mail at For bulk distributions we receive updated Faculty/Staff lists from HR and inkjet names and office locations directly on your printed pieces. Our carriers will distribute the material with the regular daily mail.

Bulk/Standard or Commercial Mailings

The HUB Mailing Department processes all of the mail for the University including incoming and outgoing daily U.S. mail, and all inter-departmental mail. All bulk mailings must be prepared through our facility in Building 99. Use of the First Class, Pre-Sort Standard or Non-Profit postal indicias must be approved prior to submitting the mailing. When planning an upcoming mailing, we highly recommend that you contact us prior to printing, so we may consult with you and verify that the mailing piece meets U.S. postal specifications. For more info see Faculty Staff Mailings.

New postage pricing proposed by the USPS with effective date of January 26, 2014. Click here for details USPS price changes 01.26.2014