RIT is a General Member of the Rochester Area Recreation and Employee Services Association (RARES). RARES offers a unique way to obtain significant discounts as an employee benefit – at no cost to the employee!

Each employer who joins receives a unique membership ID# which allows any employee from that organization to access the web-site and find out information about RARES, download forms, etc. When you visit the RARES web-site, you can enter this membership ID# in the Membership ID box to the upper left of the home page. This will take you to a page designed for members only. The "discounts" tab will take you to a listing of all discounts available to you as a RARES member and how you might access these discounts. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the RARES office at (585) 503-8160/v or by e-mail at rares@rochester.rr.com.

You will find the RIT membership number on your RARES ID card. If you cannot locate your card, send an e-mail to benefits@rit.edu or call HR at 475-2424/v.

Link to RARES website