Onboarding FAQ


Can the Form I-9 be filled out prior to coming to HR?

Please visit this page for procedures related to the I-9 form.

What is considered acceptable identification for the I-9 form?

Click here for information.

What do I need to do to park on campus on my first day of work?

Initially, you would go to the information booth and obtain a parking pass for the day for whichever lot you are parking in.

For detailed parking information, see http://finweb.rit.edu/grms/pats/parking/.

What letters are sent to new employees by HR, and when?

Upon receipt of the new hire EAF, two letters are sent to a new employee separately:

Welcome Letter from Staff Recruiting Manager (for staff positions only)
Information included in this letter is:

  • Position title
  • Employee start date
  • (Adjusted service date if applicable)
  • Salary
  • New Employee Orientation date
  • I-9 information
  • link to policies and procedures
  • RIT core values

Benefits letter/packet-generated by the Benefits Assistant
This is after they are notified via Oracle report that there is a new hire. Included with the large benefits packet/forms is their letter which lists:

  • Benefits orientation date and start date
  • I-9 reminder;
  • RIT Identification card
  • Parking information
  • Link to benefits website

What is covered in New Employee Orientation?

Check the following website for details: http://finweb.rit.edu/cpd/orientation/