Staff Offer Letter Instructions


  • Offer letter is required for all regular staff hires, including internal transfers.
  • Hiring managers should use the appropriate template to send out to the candidate once the background check has cleared (for external hires or department specific transfers).
  • If no background check is required, then the internal offer letter can be sent to the candidate.
  • It can be sent via regular US Mail or email.
  • Once the letter has been generated, a copy must be sent to your staff recruiter as part of the employment file.
  • The offer letter should reflect the terms and conditions that were negotiated with the successful candidate so that both the department and Human Resources has documentation.
  • For external offers, both the candidate and the hiring manager must sign the letters.
  • For internal hires, the only signature that is required is that of the hiring manager.
  • If you would like, you can contact your recruiter to review the letter prior to sending it out.
  • Offer letter templates are located on this page: