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Our Vision


As the global economy becomes increasingly integrated and interdependent, there is great economic advantage in sharing ideas,insight, and innovation. By locating near Rochester Institute of Technology, you will find a limitless stretch of business connections in a dynamic network of powerful technology-focused industry clusters. It is environment where enterprises have access to extended resources, enabling them to accelerate decision making and implementations while anticipating the shifting marketplace.

RIT’s Business and Technology Park shares your vision of progress through technological excellence. The Park provides an ideal setting for light manufacturing, technology, business, and research related private industry tenants to expand or relocate near Rochester Institute of Technology. We are committed to forging relationships that will enhance the competitiveness of both entities. Through the collaboration of technological and physical resources and creative and innovative talent, this synergy will enable enterprises to meet current and future industry demands.



Connect to RIT


The number one product of Rochester Institute of Technology is highly trained, highly qualified, career-focused graduates. Our students are among the highest caliber in higher education. They are trained in leading-edge fields using cutting-edge technology. Information Technology, Computer Science, Engineering, Telecommunications, Biomedical Sciences, Sustainability, and Imaging Science are only a representation of the core academic majors that anchor a portfolio of over 150 undergraduate and graduate programs. Our co-op students enjoy industry and corporate experience firsthand through our extensive cooperative education programs with over 1,300 of America’s best companies.

RIT is unique among American institutions of higher education. With a strict focus on producing tomorrow’s industry leaders and workers today, RIT constantly adapts it programs, curriculum and facilities to graduate students ready to contribute immediately. The University strives to be first among universities which form real, effective, and meaningful partnerships with industry.

Locating near Rochester Institute of Technology may be the best strategic decision you can make in siting your next facility. Come see why may other businesses have already done so.