Frequently Asked Questions

How can I view a requisition once it's sent for approval?
From your navigator, click requisition summary, type in the requisition number and click find. Once the requisition comes up, you can click "Lines" and view them from that window. You will not be able to open the requisition, only to view the lines and/or distributions.
Once I've sent a requisition for approval, how can I make changes to it?
If it has not been approved, have your approver reject it. Then, you can open it up from requisition summary, make the needed changes and resubmit it for approval. If it has been approved, contact Procurement Services to have it returned to you. Once you make the changes, resubmit for approval as you normally would.
Can I print a Purchase Order myself?
No, only Procurement Services can print PO's. Feel free to call us or to put a note in "Note to Buyer" on your requisition asking that we fax or email you a copy and please include either a fax number or email address
What happens to a requisition if I choose the wrong approver?
If the approver you select is NOT authorized to approve for the department number you used, you will get an email saying that no approver could be found and the requisition will remain in the "incomplete" status until you send it to the correct approver. If the approver you selected can approve for that department, but you want the requisition approved by someone else who is authorized, contact Procurement Services and we will redirect the document for you. Please note that forwarding a requisition or Purchase Order from one approver to another could take up to an hour. If the approver you selected should be authorized to approve for the department number you used, contact Procurement Services.
How can I remove an encumbrance?
If all goods have been received and paid for, you can contact Procurement Services and we can final close the order. Please be aware that a final close is final, so if further invoices are received against that Purchase Order, you will have to begin the process again by submitting a requisition to replace the closed Purchase Order.
If I have a Purchase Order number, how can I find the associated requisition number?
You can do this by going into Requisition Summary. In the middle of the "find" window, click the tab that says "Related D...". This brings up the related documents window. Enter the Purchase Order number and click find and the related requisition will come up, if you were the creator of the document.
How can I split distributions between more than one budget line?
The quantity from the item line carries over to the distribution line. To split the distribution, change the quantity and put in the account number. The next line will automatically put the balance in quantity. For 2 distributions on one item, change the quantity on the first distribution line to the percentage being charged (for instance, .5) and fill in the account number. The next line's quantity will automatically fill with the difference between the line 1 distribution quantity and 100%. When splitting distributions, you have to make sure that the distributions can be approved by the same person.
Can I charge a purchase to more than one department?
Yes, but all of the account numbers must be approved by the same person. If, for instance, you are in one college and collaborating with another college, the requisition would have to be sent to the Provost's Office for approval. It's not possible to have one person approve one line and another person approve another line.
I've completed five requisition lines, but I need more-how can I add them?
Once you've completed your fifth line, you can either click the green "plus" sign on the tool bar or use the down arrow on your keyboard.
How can I check the status of a requisition?
Go into Requisition Summary, type in the requisition number and click find. Or, to view all of your requisitions, put the % sign and your last name in the "Preparer" field and click find. From there you can see if the requisition is incomplete, in process or approved. If it's in process and you'd like to know where it is, just click "Tools" on the tool bar then click "View Action History". If the requisition is approved, you can click "lines" on the bottom of the form then scroll to the right until you see the field marked "Order number". The number in that field is the Purchase Order number.
I have to create a requisition of many lines. Do I have to enter the same information over and over again?
No. You can set preferences for repeat information, including charge account, need by date, requestor and organization. The supplier only need be filled in for the first line, as you can't do multiple suppliers per document. To access preferences, when you open your blank requisition form, just click "tools" and "preferences". You must, however, be sure to clear the preferences when you are done as they will be saved until you end your Oracle session.
My approver just received an Oracle notification saying that a requisition has been cancelled-why?
The requisition has not been cancelled, the notification has been. When you submit a requisition for approval, the approver receives an email notification. The next day, if the requisition has not been approved, that NOTIFICATION is cancelled and Oracle immediately sends a new notification requesting the approver's attention. After four days, if the document is still approved, the approver will receive an email cancelling the prior notification. Instead of sending out a new approval notification, Oracle will send a "No Approver Found" email to the requisitioner, who should then resubmit the document to their approver.
Are POs automatically sent to Suppliers? How are they sent?
Procurement Services has certain suppliers to which POs are either emailed or faxed. If you would like your PO sent to a supplier via email or fax, please put a "Note to Buyer" on your requisition asking that we email or fax and provide the email address or fax number. In the absence of a delivery agreement with the supplier and instructions from the ordering department, POs are sent to suppliers via US mail. If you don't want the PO sent to the supplier, that information should also go in the "Note to Buyer" field.
How do I show a discount?
Oracle cannot take a negative number. To reflect a discount, you can either take the discount percentage off of each line or you can reflect it all on one line. We suggest that in the description, you note that the price you've entered includes a discount.