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Smoking Policy Update

The Task Force working on changes to RIT Policy C16.0: Smoking hosted two open forums to collect community input and respond to community questions. The presentation that was shared at those meetings (with added information about e-cigarettes) is attached below.

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Learn More About Sign Language and Deaf Culture

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With RIT consistently ranking in the top 15 largest private universities in the United States, our faculty and staff have endless opportunities to interact with students from all across the United States and other countries. Adding a social and educational dynamic not found at any other university are more than 1,200 deaf and hard-of-hearing students supported by NTID, the world’s first and largest technological college for deaf and hard-of-hearing students which has been part of RIT since 1968.

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Synergy and Staff Council

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This post was submitted on behalf of Mike Marlowe, Housing Operations and Staff Council Representative for Block 2.

Do you have a desire to represent the opinions and concerns of coworkers for the purpose of improving RIT?

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Quit for Life: A Wellness Success Story

no smoking

RIT's Better Me Wellness Program shared an inspirational story about Charlie Velazquez who quit smoking last year. After having a health-related “wake up call,” Charlie requested assistance from the Better Me Wellness Program and the Quit for Life Program through Excellus. These programs put him on the path to a healthier lifestyle and gave him the support and resources he needed to succeed. You can read Charlie’s story from the PDF attachment below.

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Lady Stretching on top of desk

Technology makes us sedentary, and leads us to making bad, unhealthy choices.  So I thought, “Is there any way that technology could help us make incrementally better choices?”  What are the incentives you ask?  Well let’s start with feeling better.  Exercising increases your energy and motivation. There's no magic pill that can turn you into Rocky Balboa, but there are ways to fit in a daily exercise routine and help make you accountable by tracking your workouts.


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Staff Council FAQs

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There are a number of common questions that come up regarding RIT Staff Council. In an effort to summarize these questions in a single resource, we have come up with a set of Staff Council FAQ's. You may click on a specific question in the list below to jump to an answer, or feel free to simply read though.

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How Do We Treat Each Other at RIT? Join the Conversation!

Civil Community Project @ RIT
According to the Civility in America 2013 report, incivility has risen to crisis levels. In fact, some consider incivility to be the new normal! 
For the most part, RIT is perceived by faculty, staff, and students as a civil community. Most of us would agree that RIT’s norm is to engage in interactions that are respectful and considerate.
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Reducing Spam in your RIT Inbox

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Has your inbox been overrun lately with advertisements for mortgage rates, insurance offers and credit reports? Have you received e-mails that look official, but come from a shady-looking e-mail address? You’re not alone.

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Student Innovation Hall - What's New?

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What’s in that big, glass structure in Global Village? MAGIC and much more!

Student Innovation Hall, located within University Services Building, houses the Albert J. Simone Center for Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship; the RIT Center for Media, Arts, Games, Interaction and Creativity (MAGIC); and the Innovative Learning Institute (ILI).

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Come Visit the New Home of RIT’s ASL and Deaf Studies Community Center (RADSCC)!


RIT’s ASL and Deaf Studies Community Center (RADSCC) has relocated to the first floor of the Wallace Center. The RADSCC is a place where faculty, staff, and students can gather to learn about Deaf culture, Deaf heritage, and American Sign Language (ASL). The Center serves as a resource for community, national, and international outreach activities that enrich and celebrate the talents and achievements of the Deaf community.

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