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Better Me and Upcoming Wellness Programs

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One of the initiatives for the fall is the continuation of the Wegmans Healthy Blood Pressure Program. This program combines blood pressure screenings with mini consultations to help employees understand their blood pressure number and lifestyle factors that can affect it. The screenings take place on campus or at any Wegmans Pharmacy and are confidential.


The pharmacist can help the employee manage their BP; set personal goals; provide diet and exercise tips and manage medications. Over 600 employees participated last spring and we would like 50% to get screened this year.


Better Me is planning to offer on campus biometric screenings again this year during the month of November. The Better Me Wellness Screenings (Blue4U) & Flu Shots will be offered over 9 days in November throughout campus. Being aware of your numbers helps you understand your current health status and your risk factors for certain conditions. By looking at the fundamental measures of your well-being, namely cholesterol, blood pressure, glucose and triglycerides you can really take charge of your health, knowing your numbers is the first step. This screening again includes a blood pressure check and a blood panel done via a blood draw. This program is confidential and the results are only shared with the employee and the employee’s physician if the individual consents. The wellness services offered on these dates are free to full-time employees and extended part-time employees. This year they really want to encourage participation, so employees will receive a $100 incentive for participating in the biometric screening.  We want all our colleagues to “Know Their Numbers”.


Better Me has also really expanded their class offerings for the fall semester. They have made a real effort to offer classes at times convenient to more employees and at beginner fitness levels.  They also have many Better Me fitness classes available for free this semester. These include classes like “Begin to Spin” or “Beginner Circuit Training, employees can check the full schedule for registration details.


They continue to offer the “Burn Like Bern” program that is designed to help employees that have a BMI greater than 40.  They receive nutrition and weight management coaching from a registered dietician as well as, personal training services. The goal is to help these individuals reach a healthy weight through real, practical lifestyle change


Please share thoughts with your peers, and reflect on your own experiences with the Better Me/Wellness program.