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Cathy's "Better Me" Inspirational Story

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Cathy Ahern is the Director of Engineering in Facilities Management Services, and she has been at RIT for five years.

I’ve known Cathy since I started working at RIT.  Over a year ago or so I had a meeting with Cathy and when I met with her I noticed that she had lost some weight.  I was also impressed that she obviously was dedicated as she had a big refreshing-looking pitcher of water sitting on her desk and I thought to myself, wow she is really dedicated to her weight-loss plan. (So went right out and bought myself a pitcher to keep in the refrigerator).

Then a few months later I had emailed Cathy to get some information from her for a report I was working on when she sent me the information right away and told me she’d be out for a month or two.  Well to find out why please read Cathy’s inspirational story. It truly is a great story. That is why when I saw Cathy the other day I thought- OMG- I have to get Cathy to tell her story.
I’d like to thank Cathy for sharing her story. To read about Cathy’s “Better Me” success please click on the attachment below.

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