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Comfort Food from Nathan's Soup and Salad

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Mon, 01/31/2011 - 10:26am -- Anonymous (not verified)

As I walked around campus the other day, the wind grabbed me with a freezing hand.  I needed something to warm me up.  I needed something to comfort my chilled bones.  I needed soup.  I immediately changed direction and headed toward the SAU.  I knew that Nathan’s Soup and Salad would welcome me with a variety of hot soups and tasty breads. 

I had a hard time deciding which soup to get.  There were the daily standards, chicken noodle, chili con carne.  There were also soups of the day including baked scalloped potatoes with ham (gluten free), Grandma’s Italian Wedding, cheesy tomato bisque (vegetarian and gluten free).

I’ve had the chili before, wonderfully rich with beans, meat and tomatoes. This time I decided on Grandma’s Italian Wedding soup and just so I could comment on more than one soup, I also choose the baked scalloped potatoes with ham soup.  Naturally, there’s nothing like homemade bread to go along with soup.  I choose Nathan’s cheese bread. 

I’d only heard of Italian Wedding soup but never had it.  This soup was loaded with chunks of tomato, carrots, celery, greens, and meatballs. The chicken broth was well seasoned creating a delicious base for this soup.  I would definitely have this again!

The baked scalloped potato with ham soup surprised me with its lightness.  The slices of potatoes were swimming in a really nice creamy broth.  It had the rich flavor of classic scalloped potatoes but without the heavy qualities.  Very comforting!

The best part for me though was the cheese bread.  Nathan’s cheese bread is a large yeasty roll, fluffy and light on the inside with a slice of cheese baked within.  The cheese adds just enough flavor to make this a savory treat – no butter necessary.

Nathan’s Soup and Salad, located on Park Avenue in Rochester, opened its doors in 1980.  Owner Rick Torcello and business partner/son, Jake (2009 RIT graduate in Marketing) approached RIT with the idea of providing soups for RIT dining services.  This already successful business was offered the opportunity to open an express dining restaurant in the SAU.  I, for one, couldn’t be happier. 

Nathan’s offers a variety of soups daily, breads and stuffed croissant sandwiches.  They plan on adding more soup varieties and green salads during the summer months.  Check out their menu here.

My lunch from Nathan’s warmed my soul on a brisk day.   As their webpage says, “Nathan’s Soup and Salad, comfort in a cup.”


What comfort foods have you found here at RIT?  Please, share your favorites.  It’s cold out and we’re all looking for some comfort…food.