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Did You Like Our "Better Me" Series?

Molly Johnson's picture

Today’s “Better Me” Inspirational Story will be the last story we share with you at this time.  If you like this series, let us know what you think and we may bring it back in the near future.

These “Better Me” stories have helped me. They make me keep trying and even kind of make me accountable. I realize that each colleague we featured: Peg, Terri, Omar, Lea, Cathy and Wendy, each one had to fight to make it to their goal -it was no overnight success. Each person really had to stay on track to accomplish their goal. They talked about planning, and just moving on one day at a time and forgiveness.  So that’s my plan to be prepared, forgiving myself from time to time and just keep moving one day at a time. 

So far I have lost 6 pounds. I know I can do it;  As the Nike people say “Just Do It” and “No Pain No Gain”. Well wish me luck and if you see me reaching for that candy bar stop me.  Seriously, if you have any other ideas for me -let me know.  Someday I hope to be writing to you all - telling you how I made my goal and how great it is. :)


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I really appreciated getting to hear everyone's stories. They are all definitely inspirational! Please add more in the future. :)