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Final "Better Me" Inspirational Story- Laurie

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Today's "Better Me" Inspirational Story is from Laurie Clayton.  Laurie works in the Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Office of Academic Affairs. I do not know Laurie personally but when we started running this series a few people suggested we contact Laurie and ask her to share her story. 

 It amazes me how people like Laurie can just decide to make that change and they show you that anything can be accomplished with hard work and perseverance.  I think you'll like reading Laurie’s story because she is a great example of just that, setting your mind to a goal and with the support of family, friends and colleagues and taking advantage of the resources RIT has to offer, she was able to achieve her goal and ultimately realize a lifelong dream.

Thank you Laurie for sharing your inspirational story with us!

To read Laurie's Inspirational "Better Me" story please click on the attachment below.

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