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Happy First Day of Spring!

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It is also the start of the community Eat Well Live Well Challenge so get those pedometers clipped on and let’s go…

We will be kick starting our Better Me Series again with a couple more Inspirational Stories to share as well as some information you may not know about The Student Life Center (SLC) and the future plans for the Better Me program.

 Below is some (vetted) information I received about the various places on campus to walk

One Mile =

8.5 laps in the Ice Arena

8 laps in the Gordon Field House

8 laps in the SLC

4 laps in the Outside Track

 --And if you like to swim its only 33 laps in the lap pool :)

Happy Spring!


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Submitted by Joe Pow on

Might want to check on the number of laps in the pool to swim a mile.  1 mile = 1760 yards.  One length of the lap pool = 25 yards.  1760 divided by 25 = 70.4 lengths of the pool per mile = 35.2 laps (lap defined to be 2 lengths of the pool - the same as starting at one end and swimming until you get back to your starting point).  So it's not as hard as you thought!

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Joe, You are correct.  I updated the post to relect the correct information. I had gotten the correct information initially however  for some unknown reason I made up my own # :).   You also pointed out a very good thing to note that 1 Lap = 2 lengths of the pool (down and back). Thanks, Molly