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Happy New Year 2011

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My # 1 New Year’s Resolution is, as usual, to lose weight. I am hoping that since I am posting it on this blog that I will have to make it come true this year - right?  Everyone has New Year’s resolutions and good intentions for keeping them but I think we all need a little inspiration. 

I know a couple of colleagues that were able to lose weight so I thought it would be wonderful if they could share their inspirational stories with all of us. So in the next few days be prepared to be inspired as we share with you on this blog their truly inspirational stories.

Our first story comes from Peg Meyers. Peg has been at RIT for 17 years and works as the Staff Council Coordinator. Peg lost an astounding 70lbs!  When I asked Peg to be a part of this story she said she didn’t think her story was that inspirational and I told her that I would do anything to be able to lose 70 lbs!  To read Peg’s inspirational story please click the link at the bottom of this blog. 

 If you have a success story you’d like to share please email



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Submitted by bbfnes (not verified) on

Your story really is inspirational Peg!  I thought it was enlightening when you said that this was someting you wanted to do rather than had to do.  That change in mindset can make a huge difference.  Thanks for sharing!