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How Do We Treat Each Other at RIT? Join the Conversation!

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Civil Community Project @ RIT
According to the Civility in America 2013 report, incivility has risen to crisis levels. In fact, some consider incivility to be the new normal! 
For the most part, RIT is perceived by faculty, staff, and students as a civil community. Most of us would agree that RIT’s norm is to engage in interactions that are respectful and considerate. But, as with any community, occasionally there are incidents of incivility.
The Civil Community Project aims to heighten RIT’s understanding of civility and promote strategies to make RIT a more supportive and civil community. 
Through a series of town hall-style meetings, faculty, staff, and students have been engaging in dialogue about their experiences, perceptions of the current climate, and hopes for the future.
Please join the conversation by attending one of the upcoming Town Halls:
  • December 3rd, 1:00-2:00 PM, in the Reading Room, 2nd Floor - Campus Center
  • December 3rd, 7:00-8:00 PM, in room 1300 - CSD Student Development Center
Register now at Interpreters can be requested at
To get updates on future events, Like our Facebook page at  
For more information about the sessions, or to provide suggestions to the Civil Community Project members, contact Lee Twyman, RIT Ombudsperson at