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How to voice your reaction to the Cost Containment Reports

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By now you have no doubt heard about the Cost Containment reports focused on procurement activities, information technology infrastructure, revenue generation and cost cutting, and employee benefits.  The complete reports from these committees, as well as President Destler’s cover letter, are available at (DCE login required).

As a Staff Council representative and a member of the RIT Staff Council Executive Committee, I would like to take this opportunity to encourage all RIT employees to carefully review the recommendations outlined in the report.  If implemented, these changes have the potential to greatly affect the way we all do our jobs.  But right now, we are being given the opportunity to voice our feedback, advise Dr. Destler and his administrative team, and serve as a catalyst for positive change.

It is critical to the review of these reports that employees from all walks of life and all divisions across campus take the time to thoroughly read the report and share their individual feedback. No situation is too unique, no position too inconsequential in this process. While we recognize that many staff have very busy schedules and demanding responsibilities for their jobs already, we would like to emphasize Dr. Destler’s support of staff involvement in shared governance. He is relying on our input in order to make informed decisions on the suggestions put forth. If you are a manager, please encourage your staff to participate.

There are three ways in which you will be able to provide feedback:

  1. Contact your RIT Staff Council Representative. (Not sure who your rep is? Look here.) We can assure you that all responses will be kept confidential.
  2. Submit via the anonymous Staff Council Feedback Dropbox, located in the lounge area outside of the Staff Council Office (across from the Brick City Cafe in the Student Alumni Union).
  3. And announcing: Open community forums hosted by Staff Council’s Ad Hoc Cost Resources Committee – Schedule TBA shortly; forums will take place after fall break.

On behalf of Staff Council, I appreciate your taking the time to share with us your honest and open feedback. It is of great value to RIT’s system of shared governance and will help RIT Staff Council to assemble a detailed, diverse, and meaningful report that accurately represents the RIT staff community. Thank you.


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Submitted by betemc on

RIT should look at things besides our compensation to cut costs. We work here for the benefits not because RIT pays comparable saleries to the same job in industry.

The U of R isn't comparable to RIT because they have very limitted space and lease their land from the city of Rochester.  We don't have a parking shortage, or a land shortage and we don't lease our land.  Parking at work should always be free to employees, anything else is a pay cut period. Don't follow U of R's bad example,be leaders and cut waste instead.

I am a retired veteran who has Tricare health insurance that the federal government is cutting because people were duped into Obama Care.  RIT could offer a cost savings to the veterans as the law allows and offer a Tricare Supplement but RIT wasn't concerned about the cost of my insurance going up.  To offset the cuts to my military medical I have to buy the entire health plan from RIT.  How about offering the Tricare supplement I have asked for for the last two years?

Cross Campus drive is a perfect example of waste that could be cut out.  It had brand new pavement 3 years ago.  It wasn't the winding road it is now so they tore out the brand new road and put in a winding road, instead of waiting until it needed repair.  Since then it has been repaired or repaved 3 times, brick work or pavement. How about cutting out wasteful spending like that instead of cutting our compensation?

More common sense instead of paying for someone elses bad decisions would solve this issue faster than making people like me look for other employment.

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Submitted by lmvoce on

Many of us have been forced to make choices in these difficult times.  I struggle with employees being asked to continue to make sacrifices but understand that this may be necessary.   What I don't understand is how the choice can be made to sacrifice educational benefits.  That particular decision first of all sends the wrong message on a number of levels.  It is also a decision that can be difficult to manage depending upon where you are in terms of educating your dependents.  If you have dependents that are close to college age, you are at an extreme disadvantage without many options to adjust at this point.  On the other hand, were it the case that EVERYONE who receives a match in terms of their retirement contribution were asked to sacrifice a percent or 2, that could be made up for in other ways.