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Howard Ward Inspires and Instills the True Meaning of Being a Good Leader

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Howard Ward, Ph.D., Assistant Vice President, Housing Operations was teh keynote speaker at this year's Student Leadership Awards Ceremony

On April 18th in Ingle Auditorium the RIT Leadership Institute held their ceremony celebrating the best of our student leaders. I was on hand to join in the celebration to support the amazing student leaders that I have gotten to know over the past year in my role as chair. 

While I was there I was pleasantly surprised to find that Howard Ward, Ph.D., Assistant Vice President, Housing Operations was the keynote speaker. As Howard spoke I kept thinking to myself  “I am sooo glad I came”- not only was Howard an amazing speaker- he really had a great message for the students.  I found myself thinking “boy I really wish everyone could hear Howard’s message”.  So after the ceremony I sent Howard an email telling him how wonderfully inspiring I thought his speech was and asking him if I could share it on the Staff Council blog.  This is what the blog is all about to share great things like this with the community that you might not have known otherwise. 


But before you click on the link below to read Howard's speech -first I must include two things he said that were actually not in his speech -but I feel are pretty profound and worth sharing.

The first thing that stuck with me was this comment

“be good to others -as you never know when it will bounce back...”

and the last thing he said before he read a poem about purpose called “A Splendid Torch” by George Bernard Shaw was -

“There are 2 important days in your life- the day you were born and the day you find your purpose”.

I though wow that is so true... with that I will leave you to enjoy Howard's speech.

To read Howard’s speech please click on the PDF file attached below: 


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Submitted by mengsh on

Thanks so much for sharing Howard's speech.  I wish I had been there - he is one of the warmest and wisest men on this campus.