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Inspirational “Better Me” Story- Rauncie Ryan

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Rauncie Ryan (Fall 2010 & Now)

I am just going to tell you right now - that Rauncie’s story is life changing not only for her, but for anyone who reads it. 

I am not even going to spill any of the details as you need to read it as she wrote it in her own words. 

All I can say is WOW and a heartfelt congratulations to Rauncie on choosing to make the changes in her life that she always wanted and the courage to follow through. 

Thank you Rauncie - for sharing your story with the RIT community.

Rauncie Ryan works as an Academic Advisor in COLA and is a 2011 graduate of CAST.  She is a current member of Weight Watchers here at RIT and this Thursday she will be recognized as a life time member for meeting her goal weight and maintaining it for 6 weeks.  In addition, she has been working with Sue the “Better Me” coach throughout her transformation and next week she is taking training to become a Zumba Gold instructor. 

 To read Rauncie's Inspirational Story please click on the link below:

I have begun a whole new life”-Rauncie Ryan




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Very inspirational read

I really enjoyed that article and I can relate. Currently, I am too young to take the same step but I have been researching for ways to gain the same transformation.



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Thanks again for sharing your story!

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U R Awesome Rauncie

I know Rauncie for many years, and she was my supervisor when she worked for Parking Services (yeahhhhhh). She is always been a wonderful person, very friendly and above all a brave woman who has been conquering many goals in her life. This is one of them, and i am very proud girl!!!

Keep the good work because you are one of the best at RIT. Sending xoxo for you my friend.


Blessings… from "Chiquie"