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Making a Better Me: by Scott Miller from Sponsored Research Services

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FYI ...The Better Me Program is kicking off an 8 Week Summer Challenge beginning June 18th

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Scott Miller a Senior Research Administrator from Sponsored Research Services Dept. wrote to me recently and wanted to share what a benefit the wellness coaching has been to him and to let people know what a great service this is and how to go about accessing it. Below is what Scott wrote to me:


In the fall of 2010 I went to the benefits fair at the SAU. I had never paid attention to my blood pressure, or what I ate and the amount of sodium I was consuming on a daily basis, but I decided to have my blood pressure taken and to my surprise it was in the hypertension range of 142/88. At first, I did not think much of it, but decided to fill out the health risk assessment(HRA). Sue Grace my Wellness Coach contacted me to provide me with my HRA report. After meeting with Sue, I discovered that I did have elevated blood pressure and should probably look into taking steps to reduce it. After talking with Sue I went on a low sodium diet, measuring my daily intake of sodium. I changed my daily consumption of foods high in sodium, to foods that were low in both fat and sodium and I started to exercise on a regular basis. In the beginning this was difficult, especially reading food labels to keep my sodium intake to 1500 milligrams a day. I also increased my potassium intake, cut out caffeine and also try to exercise 4-5 days a week doing both cardio and strength training. All these changes slowly began to pay off and after a year and a half my readings are consistently in a normal range and I have lost 15 pounds. The dietary advice and weekly blood pressure screening from my wellness coach has been a great benefit and made a big difference in my overall health.


Thank you to Scott for sharing his personal success story. If you have a personal success story you would like to share to inspire others please send us an email.