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Omar's "Better Me" Inspirational Story

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Everyone knows Omar Phillips- He is the one that sends you emails when there are announcements from ITS.  Omar is the ITS HelpDesk Manager and also a Staff Council member. He has been with RIT since 2002.

When I first met Omar- I must admit I was kind of jealous of him. I  was attending my first WW meeting at RIT.  During that first meeting the leader asked Omar to share his news.  He had reached a milestone- I don’t recall what it was at the time but is was significant. I want to say it was 35 pounds or something phenomenal like that. Again, so when I thought of this Better Me series, I knew I wanted to reach out to Omar to see if he’d share his success.

I’d like to thank Omar for sharing his story . To read about Omar’s Better Me success please click on the attachment below.

If you have a success story you’d like to share please email

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