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The Ombuds Office - never the wrong place to go! (for anyone)

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The Ombuds Office – Never the wrong place to go! (for anyone)


The Ombuds Office is for everyone, staff, faculty, administrators, students and parents.   The Ombuds Office is:

  • Confidential – No one will report you have been there.  You do not need to tell your supervisor you are going.  Meeting times and places can be arranged if you are not comfortable going to the office, which is in the SAU, 1110.   Evening hours are now available in the Residence Halls for students.  You can also go to to set up an appointment.  For reason of confidentiality, on-going email conversations are not recommended.
  • Impartial - The Office does not advocate for anyone, it advocates for fair process.  They do, however, track trends and will address them without identifying those involved.
  • Informal – This is the place to discuss and try to resolve or manage issues (“off-the-record”) before or instead of going to a formal process (such as a grievance).
  • Independent – The Office has NO alliances with any particular units on campus.


It’s time to visit the Ombuds Office when:

  • You need to talk through your concerns;
  • You need to talk through a challenging workplace or work/life situation;
  • You believe you might have been treated unfairly;
  • You have questions or concerns about policies or procedures;
  • You need to find resources to assist in resolving or managing an issue;
  • You have an academic concern;
  • You would like someone to facilitate mediation;
  • You just need to vent!


Don’t let those small issues become big problems!  This does not have be the office of last resort.    Come to the Ombuds with any concern …. Remember, it’s never the wrong place to go!  


So you think you don’t need the office?  Maybe you know someone who does.  Have you been a part of or overheard conversations?  Have you had students come to you with concerns?   Is a parent contacting you with issues you can’t discuss or resolve?  Is your supervisor frustrated with something?  Remember the Ombuds Office and refer folks to it.