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RIT Hidden Benefits

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I recently bought a new home computer. I was offered various deals for software like Microsoft Office. I smiled and politely said no thank you. The next day I paid a visit to the Digital Den in the SAU and bought Microsoft Office for under $20.

What great benefits we have here at RIT. Did you know that you can shop at BJ’s in Henrietta and receive membership pricing? Just present your RIT ID card to the person at the membership desk. You will be given a membership card to use during that shopping trip.

Looking for a place to walk indoors? There is an indoor walking track in the Student Life Center, next to the Gordon Field House. Enter at the lower level and warm up with a stair climb up to the track. There are even some exercise machines in the corners for some interval training.

What hidden benefits have you enjoyed here at RIT? Please share your discoveries!

By the way, when I bought my computer I was also offered deals on security packages. Once again, I smiled and politely said no thank you. After my computer was set up, I downloaded my McAfee protection for free! Where? Here.

Thanks RIT!

(Note that special software prices are for RIT employees only and you will be asked to sign a use agreement.)

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Did you use RIT's discount at Dell? I used it last year to purchase my computer and got a great deal on my laptop. I assume RIT also gets great deals on Mac computers, too. I also purchased my software from the Digital Den and it feels good to only pay $20 for software that's normally so much more!

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My absolute favorite benefit is taking advantage of Interlibrary Loan at Wallace Library.  If there's a book that the library doesn't have, they can order it for you from another library.  They will deliver to NTID (or several select locations on campus, I believe), so I don't have to trudge to the library to pick it up.  Thanks to the wonderful folks at the library!!!  Much appreciated!!!!  :)


Cheryl Herdklotz's picture

I was unaware of any Dell discount deal for RIT . Doe sit apply to online purchases.. what do you need to take advantage?

Rosemary Parker's picture

Having worked at another local university for many years, I must share the following wonderful benefits that we have here at RIT:

  • Parking - not a favorite topic of most, but it's amazing that you can park somewhere for free on campus.  I choose to pay for a spot, but it costs about 1/4 of what I paid at my previous employer.
  • Better Me Classes - readily available and inexpensive for staff!
  • Free membership to the athletic equipment - there was a nominal cost at my previous employer, but it's really nice to have this gratis.
  • The Staff Council itself!  Not all universities allow their staff to have a voice in their governance. 
  • Tiger Bucks - for discounted meals, merchandise, etc.

I could go on and on.  I'm very happy to be here - it's a fantastic place to work!

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You can take advantage of the discounts available on Dell computers two ways - there is a selection of laptops in stock at the Digital Den; stop by the store to see the systems. You can also purchase a Dell system on line (and customize the system to your specific requirements) just go to to shop for your system.