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RIT Staff Members Recognized

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Congratulations to the following RIT staff members who have recently been recognized by the division of Student Affairs for their outstanding work. Staff Council was notified of their recognized achievements via the Award Announcement Form, which you can use to let us know if someone in your area has been recognized recently!

The John Weas Furthering the Center’s Mission Award

The Center for Residence Life holds its’ employees in high regard and is committed to recognizing excellent dedication toward meeting the expectations of the Center’s values and going beyond the normal job responsibilities to serve students leading toward the academic success and personal development.

  • Robin Amico
  • Stephanie Bauschard
  • Harold Fields
  • Dan Greer
  • Amanda Metzger
  • Tammy Palmieri
  • Cha Ron Sattler

The Carol Reed Award for Outstanding Service

This award is presented to a person or group who has gone above and beyond to contribute to enhancing the welfare of students and furthering the goals of the Center.

  • Lisa Nolan

The Tara Loomis Team Award

This award is presented to the group who has worked together in the most collaborative and supportive ways to help achieve the goals of the team and of the Center.

  • Mary Brand
  • Tamara Cosgrove
  • Cate Fox
  • Tammy Marshall
  • Tammy Palmieri
  • Moira Tice