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Ritchie & The Photo Booth - Big Hit @ Picnic!

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Story Photo

RIT Staffers & Ritchie enjoy the Photo Booth at this years Annual Staff Appreciation Day & Community Picnic brought to you by ETC and the Staff Council Events Committee. (Thanks ETC & RITchie!!!)

RIT Staff Council would like to thank Dr. Destler and all the Staff Council Members who helped to make this year's Picnic another great success especially the SC Events Committee: Jackie Ott, Donna McKeown, Nick Rogers & Jeanette Tydings - Well done!!!!

Thank you also to everyone who helped make this year's picnic a success, including:
 The Gordon Field House staff -for making everything go smoothly
 Brick City Catering for the delicious picnic lunch!
 FMS for preparing and cleaning up the venue
 Howard Ward, RIT cabbie extraordinaire
 Wallace Center – ETC for the Photo Booth!
 Public Safety for the Segway rides
 Dave Harris for coordinating the “Bob Howie Memorial Classic Car Display”
 All the Classic Car Exhibitors for sharing their unique vehicles
 Tech Crew for the Classic Car Display sound system
 Jacques-Luis Nodar, Joseph Delgado and the SLC Staff and the Wellness Coaches for the Employee Health and Wellness information

 Peg Meyers for all her assistance to the Staff Council Events Committee

To get a digital copy of your picture from the photo booth please email  



Donna Sterlace's picture

Thanks to ETC for setting up their Photo Booth with RITchie! That was so much fun! I would love to see some of the other photos people had. Thanks to everyone who made the Staff Appreciation picnic a fun time!

Joanne Benoodt's picture

Hey ~ I loved the classic cars. It was great to see them and to see how lovingly restored they were.  And the picnic food was wonderful.  Thanks again.