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So why should I join Staff Council?

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That’s the question I asked Steve Schwab 6 years ago. Steve was the corporate relations director at that point, he was my peer in development and a Staff Council member. He said that I would have the chance to meet many people at RIT I would never come across in my day-to-day job and I would get a great view of what is going on at RIT. I trusted Steve so I went for it and he was right. I have met really great people from departments I did not know existed: First Year Enrichment, Building Services, Risk Management – who knew? I had thought by bumping around in all the colleges working with research faculty I understood the “big picture” for RIT. Turns out I had a lot to learn.

I won’t bore you with details but will say that, after 26 years working in big companies, I thought the idea that a member of a tiny department would participate in decision making impacting more than 20,000 people was a gimmick. It is not. Shared governance is a true collaboration among the major parts of the university – faculty, staff, students and administration. As a Staff Council member you will see all the plans of the university when they are just that – plans. You will represent a group of people from your work area and be able to ask questions directly of the President, Provost, Chief Financial Officer and many other key players that will help form those plans into actions

And you know what? When you ask a question, they will answer it and they will mean it. I can’t run for reelection as I have served my 3 consecutive 2 years terms (thanks to those who voted for me) – but you can. I suggest you give it a try – nominations are open now.

Mike Dwyer
Director Research Relations



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