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Staff Council FAQs

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There are a number of common questions that come up regarding RIT Staff Council. In an effort to summarize these questions in a single resource, we have come up with a set of Staff Council FAQ's. You may click on a specific question in the list below to jump to an answer, or feel free to simply read though.

  1. What is Staff Council?
  2. Who is my representative?
  3. What is a Block?
  4. What other kinds of things does Staff Council do?
  5. How can I get involved?
  6. What is it like to sit in on a Staff Council Meeting?
  7. Where can I direct any other questions?


1. What is Staff Council?

Staff Council is an advisory body to the President (or his/her representative) on issues and decisions which impact RIT. Staff Council Members:

  • Communicate to staff about university news, events and initiatives
  • Act as a conduit providing staff feedback and insights on university issues
  • Initiate policy proposals and revisions
  • Raise issues for University consideration


2. Who is my representative?

Each RSC member has a list of constituents from their block that they represent. At the very least, you should be hearing from your representative several times a month via e-mail (or comparable communication method). If you are still not sure who your representative is, a list of RSC members organized by block is available here. You can feel free to contact any member of your block, or even any member of RSC if that is your preference. We are committed to representing all permanent and grant-funded, exempt and non-exempt, employees of RIT who are not Faculty.


3. What is a Block?

RSC is organized into six blocks which group together offices, departments, centers, divisions, and colleges that share similar concerns and processes. For example, if you are a staff member of CIAS, you are in Block 6 along with staff from other colleges; Dining Services, Housing Operations, and Student Auxiliary Services are all members of Block 2. To determine what block you belong in, click here.


4. What other kinds of things does Staff Council do?

Every member of Staff Council is also a member of a committee. Standing RSC committees include Executive Committee, Communications, Elections, Events, and Institute Issues & Policies. There are also institute committees. The activities of various committees range from RSC operations, to policy review, to awards selection, and more. For a full list of committees and their representatives, click here.


5. How can I get involved?

  • Connect with your RSC representative! Who is my representative?
  • Attend a meeting. Staff Council Meetings are open to all RIT community members and everyone is encouraged to attend. A list of upcoming meetings can be found on the Staff Council Website.
  • Become a member of Staff Council. RSC members are elected to two-year terms. Nominations are solicited each March for open seats on the Council.  Elections are held in April; elected representatives begin their terms in June. Even and odd blocks alternate election years.


6. What is it like to sit in on a Staff Council meeting?

While we encourage open participation, we understand that it can be intimidating to sit in on a Staff Council meeting if you have never been to one before. Staff Council members grab nametags, sign in, and take seats at the tables, normally configured in a large rectangle. Guests do not need to sign in, and are provided a seating area off to the side. The RSC Chair (or a designated fill-in if the Chair is unavailable) calls the meeting to order and facilitates the meeting’s agenda, which is typically projected at the front of the room. Agendas are also available before the meeting via the Staff Council website, and are sent ahead of time to the RITSTAFF mailing list. There is nothing required of visitors, though you are allowed to participate in discussions when called upon by the Chair. All we ask is that everyone behaves respectfully, and that if you leave the meeting early, you do so with the least amount of disruption possible.


7. I have a question that wasn’t addressed here. Who can I contact?

Please contact RSC Coordinator Peg Meyers:  Phone(585) 475-7656, E-mail You can also find us on Twitter @RITStaffCouncil or on Facebook /RITStaffCouncil, or you can use the Comments section below!