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Staff Council Member Development Opportunities

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This year Staff Council members were polled to find out what they would like to see in the way of development for Staff Council members. In particular what we wanted to know was if Staff Council were to devote a portion of the meeting time to development - what would they want to learn more about to help them in their job.  The results ranged from topics of: Leadership, to Crucial Conversations, to Social Media, to to learning more about other areas on campus, to to hearing from the Students, to hearing from the VP’s.

So this year at Staff Council members were treated to the following development topics;

  • First we had Joeann Humbert; Associate Director; Organizational Development from HR gave an overview presentation about Crucial Conversations. (Last year all F&A Managers attended a 16 hour course on the subject). She also led the members though an exercise that provided a good take- away on how to think about difficult conversations and she shared some strategies with members on how to handle a difficult conversation in the future.


  • Later on in the spring we invited Molly McGowan, Director of the RIT Leadership Institute and Community Service Center  from Student Affairs, Campus life.  She came and gave a presentation on Leadership and what makes a good leader. She shared a wonderful video with us on what it means to be a good leader.

Members were also asked to break into teams and provide a list of their key leadership traits they felt a leader should possess. Below are some of the traits our members felt were important:

  1. Compassion/Empathy, Communication/listening, Patience, Courage, No-ego
  2. Guts (in addition to courage), innovative-ness, intelligence, trust we can do our job - no micromanaging
  3. Honesty, patient, understanding, knowledgeable, challenged to be their best, communicator, able to handle difficult situations, forward thinking, listener.
  4. A manager that uses the team's creativity and special skills, has command of technology and is not a micro manager

For more valuable leadership information from the RIT Leadership Institute click here:  Leadership Lessons


  • Dr. Mary Beth Cooper, Senior Vice President of Student Affairs  also came to Staff Council as another Staff Council development priority- her visit actually checked 2 items off of the SC development bucket list:  Hearing from VP’s and Learning more about other areas on campus.  Thank You Dr. Cooper. 

Something I learned from Dr. Cooper- (other than the fact that I want to work for her someday!), is that Student Affairs provides students extra peer to peer learning opportunities in such areas a Calculus, Math, Physics etc. (-courses that typically have the highest rate of D,F, & W’s) The program is called SI or Supplemental Instruction and it is based on a national model.


  • Next up on 6/21 Dale Carnegie is scheduled to come and do a leadership exercise with members on the topic:  "Leadership Begins with me and my Attitude"
  • Next Fall we have Student Government Vice President, Sarah Thomas lined up to present as well.