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Staff Council Survey Results

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Thank you to those who participated in the Staff Council survey conducted between March 6 and March 16, 2012. We received a total of 527 responses, which is approximately 24% of all RIT Staff. The winner of the drawing to receive an RIT branded Nalgene water bottle is John Eldridge from CIAS. Congratulations John!

Here are results of the survey, along with some key comments, themes and feedback that was submitted. Staff Council will analyze these results and take the feedback into consideration.


Are you aware that Staff Council meetings are open to the public?
YES: 443
NO: 82

Do you know that interpreters can be requested for Staff Council meetings, subject to availability?
YES: 476
NO: 43

Did you know that Staff Council has a website where Committee Lists, Meetings Dates, Agendas and Minutes can be found?
YES: 392
NO: 133

Do you know which colleagues from your Block are on the Staff Council?
YES: 352
NO: 168

How is the amount of communication from Staff Council?


Did you know that at the request of HR, Staff Council has gathered and provided staff feedback on such topics as Management Styles, Timekeeping, Manager Discretion, etc., for the creation of new and improved manager training sessions?
YES: 216
NO: 309



If Staff Council could add anything to the Staff Council Website, what would it be?

  • Suggestion box for staff to submit ideas and thoughts
  • I enjoy reading the minutes and learning what is new and happening on campus
  • Did not know website existed
  • I'm very happy with the website
  • Live streaming video of staff council meetings
  • Volunteer opportunities posted on the website
  • A way for staff to request answers to their questions anonymously
  • Length of Service Announcements
  • Current and future issues being reviewed
  • Centralized Campus Room Reservation System
  • They do a good job advising the RIT Community on what topics were covered in the meetings. I can't think of anything they could do differently
  • Maybe more social media (i.e. Facebook approach)

Do you have any ideas you would like to see Staff Council add to their agenda in the future?

  • Resolution on parking issues
  • Career ladders
  • Smoke-free campus
  • Bicycle Friendly University designation
  • An explanation of salary market bands and their ranges
  • Pushing to get the parking lots maintained better during winter
  • Flexible work schedules allowing working from home
  • Identical vacation for exempt and non-exempt
  • Updates from cost savings committees
  • Improving the Appraisal Process
  • Continue a strong stance on advocacy for staff benefits
  • Manager training required and accountable
  • Coffee hour for informal staff interaction