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Staff Council Website Moves to New Platform

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Welcome!  If you are reading this article you are now reading it on the new and improved RIT Staff Council website; a portal full of valuable information for RIT Staff and community members.

The biggest change for this new website is the use of a new platform called Drupal.  Drupal is a content management system, or a website development tool, that allows the end user or client to modify, add, or edit their website without having to know web programming. The Drupal platform was adopted by RIT in 2009.

This new Staff Council website is one of the leading RIT websites to make the change over, thanks in part to Staff Council’s own rep and web developer Matt Dana. Matt’s expertise in web development has been very helpful to Staff Council in making the conversion.  Matt did all the heavy lifting and also trained Peg Meyers our very own Staff Council Coordinator and members of the Staff Council Communications Committee on how to update the content of the site.

For RIT community members, by logging in with your RIT username and password, the new site will provide invaluable information such as: Staff Council agendas and approved meeting minutes as well as this blog. The website also provides information that will allow you to find out what block you are in based on your department, listing the names and contact information of the representatives in each block. You will also be able to post comments on the website to articles such as this.

Link to information about Drupal.

Things users can do on the New Staff Council Website:

*Requires an RIT user name and password

 And coming soon, users will be able to:

  • See what block you are in, who your staff council representative is, including their bio, and RIT contact information*
  • Contact your representative through the site*
  • See what topics have been discussed over the years
  • See who has recently been a presenter at the SC meetings and who is coming up..
  • Suggest a story idea for the blog*