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Staff Honored By Student Government at Ceremony

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On Thursday evening, May 3rd, Student Government held their end of the year "SG Soiree" at the University Gallery in the Vignelli Center. The evening included an awards ceremony and some of those honored were staff members. The staff award winners were:

The Extra Mile Award: given to

  • Carol Reed, Senior Associate Director of Building and Operational Services from Student Affairs, Campus Life

The following excerpt is from the SG Director of Clubs & Organizations,  Bharat Thazhathu's speech about Carol:

Now, as the saying goes, “Behind every great MSO, is an even greater advisor.” I have been fortunate to know tonight’s “Advisor of the Year” recipient for quite some time now and I think that I speak on behalf of everyone when I say that she is the perfect representation of a staff member who is fully committed to her position and to the students she works with us on a day-to-day basis. On many nights you will see her in the office much later than 6 PM and any request you make of her becomes her #1 priority (at least I like to think it does). You can often find her at the Campus Center Welcome desk or in the Club Center for the other position she is filling in for. Carol Reed, you have won this award a few times, but I know that you have fully deserved this recognition each, and every, time; the folks at WITR are truly blessed to have you as their advisor. May I present this year’s MSO Advisor of the Year award to Carol Reed.


The President's Awards: were given to:

  • The Parking & Transportation Department and Randy Vercauteren was on hand to receive the award.

The following excerpt is from the SG President Greg Pollock's speech about PATS:

 “The first President’s Award goes to a team that took a lot of fire in previous years and managed to go from one of the campus’ most resented organizations to one of the most celebrated groups you’ll find on campus. They lined themselves up behind Student Government in achieving dreams that past SG leaders dared not try.

And now, in the face of a changing world, rising environmental standards, and a growing campus, they are constantly seeking innovative ways to stay ahead of the game as RIT’s administrators continue to raise the bar for our community. For this reason, it is my honor, and my pleasure to bestow the first of two President’s Awards to Parking & Transportation.”


  • Patty Spinelli, Director of Dining Services was also named a President's Award winner for her work this past year in making things happen.  When the students came to Patty and asked that breakfast be served all day long in the SAU Patty made it happen.

The following excerpt is from the SG President Greg Pollock's speech about Patty:

 "The second President’s Award goes to a simple but phenomenal woman who did more than just her job... She owned it. She made it her business to care about each and every one of us. And I’m not saying that because I want to give a run of the mill.. oh they went above and beyond type of thing...

Nah, that’s old school, here... we keep it real. We know what it means to do our job and get it done. If it’s done right, life is so much easier for us all. This woman did her job almost as if she were taking care of her own kids, and that is something many people forget to do in higher education.

That woman is Patty Spinelli. The Director of Dining Services. This woman is responsible for many great things on campus, and let me assure you… That none of these things include Gracie’s. Patty is a woman who is a lot like me. She doesn’t like no for answer. If she wants something done, she’ll get it done. Last year, I had this crazy idea that I wanted to bring all-day breakfast to the SAU… And the guy that ran the place there said no. Not possible.

Then 20121 came and our friend Patty somewhere along the line says… Get it done. Within weeks, there was breakfast right where you wanted it. She is also responsible for the planning of many incredible new surprises that will be coming to RIT in the next few years.”



From Staff Council we would like to congratulate all the recipients for a job well done!

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