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Students Show Their Admiration for Kathy Hall- SG Mama & Office Manager

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As the chair of Staff Council over the past year, I have been so lucky to be able to attend the Student Government (SG) meetings. It is literally one of the high points of each week for me.  Last Friday- I was thrilled to be in attendance because the students had planned a very special tribute to one of our own. 

They had declared the day “Kathy Hall Appreciation Day”, students were wearing Orange T-shirts that said '" I LOVE KATHY HALL" and they created a video to tell Kathy just how much they really appreciated her and all that she has done for them over the years.

To view the tribute to Kathy please click on the following link:

SG Kathy Hall Tribute Video

Congratulations Kathy- you are truly an asset to our campus and thank you for all you do for our students.

PS- You do know- you have the BEST job on campus- right?





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That was sooooo sweet.  I am gonna cry.