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Synergy and Staff Council

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Michael Marlowe, 
Staff Council
Block 2 Representative

This post was submitted on behalf of Mike Marlowe, Housing Operations and Staff Council Representative for Block 2.

Do you have a desire to represent the opinions and concerns of coworkers for the purpose of improving RIT?

Do you have a passion for being involved in our workplace shared governance processes?

The concept of shared governance groups on campus centers on the responsibility of governing bodies to meet the needs of the masses as opposed to select groups. Governance is "the process of decision-making and the process by which decisions are implemented (or not implemented)".

Other governance groups on campus that you may know of are Student Government, Institute Council and Academic Senate. Being involved in an RIT governance group such as Staff Council is a form of service to others, and you can get involved now. Spring elections are just around the corner and seats are open now for nominations from voting block 2,3,4 & 6. (see your block here:

Staff Council at RIT exists to serve as a means by which staff participates in shared governance at RIT.  Staff Council is an advisory body to the President, or his/her representative, on issues and decisions which impact RIT. Staff Council members communicate to staff about university news, events and initiatives and act as a conduit providing staff feedback and insights on university issues. Additionally, Staff Council initiates policy proposals and revisions, and raises issues for University consideration.

It is the mission of RIT Staff Council to:

·         give voice to a staff perspective within RIT’s shared governance process

·         serve as an advisory body to the President or his/her representative(s).

·         serve as a communication conduit between staff and the RIT administration

The free exchange of ideas is essential to developing a synergistic workplace in which people's ideas and talents blend into a larger whole. In the workplace, synergy is created by coworkers who combine their talents to achieve things that they couldn't achieve individually. Synergy helps to broaden and improve communication.

In a synergistic workplace, inspiration is more likely because each participant is presented with the diverse ideas of his coworkers. Being exposed to the methods and goals of others gives a person the opportunity to learn new things and build on them. This can be an inspiring process in which each member of a team is inspired to try new things by the other members, so I would encourage everyone to consider involvement in Staff Council.

I have served on Staff Council for 4 years, including time on Staff Council Executive Committee and as Chair of the Elections Committee, and can say that the experience has been very rewarding on many levels. Nominations are open now; I encourage you to consider becoming involved yourself, and think about coworkers that you might nominate.