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Take advantage of your BetterMe benefits!

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One of the great benefits we have here at RIT is the BetterMe employee wellness program, which was begun in fall 2007. It’s based on the idea that a proactive approach to good health is better than paying to address health problems once they arise.

After several quarters spent meaning to get myself to the gym, I’m currently taking a Zumba class from one of my coworkers at the library, Jennifer Roeszies, and I’m already noticing I’ve got more energy than I had just a week ago. (Now as to why I didn’t follow through on my resolution to keep going to the gym after that Intro to Weight Training class… I think I’m just a person who does better when there’s a structured routine I have to follow.) The fitness classes are really a great deal – the half-hour lunchtime Zumba class is only $15 for the quarter, and the one-hour classes offered this quarter are only $30. All the instructors are licensed, certified, or degreed in their subject. And if you can’t decide which class to take, you can take a tour of several by using Bounce Passes, which cost $60 and allow you to take whichever classes you choose (except for a few, such as Intro to Weight Training, that are noted on the schedule of classes).

In addition to the fitness classes, wellness classes are offered through the Center for Professional Development. You can learn how to manage your stress levels, lose and maintain your weight, quit smoking, manage diabetes, and much more.

Speaking of weight loss and maintenance, Weight Watchers at Work has been going strong at RIT since 2001 and is now part of BetterMe. There is also a unique opportunity going on right now to participate in a Biggest-Loser-style weight loss challenge called the Eye of the Tiger. Deadline to apply is December 16. Two lucky contestants will be assigned to a Certified Personal Trainer and will receive about $1500 worth of fitness and nutrition counseling over a 13 week period. To apply to be a contestant, go to the Eye of the Tiger website.

The newest service available through BetterMe is called the Fitness Bundle. For $224 you can take advantage of a variety of services, including a personal consultation and fitness assessment, a Resting Metabolic Rate test, a comprehensive fitness program that includes cardiovascular and strength training, four 30-minute personal training sessions, and individualized meal planning with registered dietician Colleen Surek.

There are a lot more services available through the BetterMe program and I've only touched on a few. For instance, it's over for the year, but the fall Farmers' Market is part of BetterMe's offerings. And you don't have to go to the gym or to the Better Me Wellness Center at the Global Village to take advantage of all the fitness/wellness services - Wellness Coach Sue Grace frequently offers blood pressure and biometric screenings in various buildings on campus. To subscribe to her mailings, email her at

Once you've taken advantage of the various BetterMe services, if you've experienced an improvement in health and well-being and want to talk about it, you can email your success story to