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Welcome to the New Academic Year!

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There is nothing like the excitement of the beginning of a new academic year and all the promise that’s in the air!  This year, I’m grateful to be at the helm of the RIT Staff Council – it promises to be a very busy year.

We all know that the conversion from quarters to semesters is right around the corner – only a year away.  This change will have everyone on campus – staff and faculty alike – working at a frantic pace.  In addition, you can’t help but notice all the construction going on around campus – with the building of Institute Hall, The Golisano Institute for Sustainability and Rosica Hall underway and the anticipation of the groundbreaking of the new Gene Polisseni Center (aka the Poliseum).  This, of course, will create challenges related to parking and getting from place to place on campus, and brings its own share of additional workload to many in our community.  Along with all the construction on campus, our enrollment continues to grow and this fall, we will reach an overall enrollment of 18,000 students!   When I think about what this campus looked like 17 years ago when I first came here – all I can say is WOW, how we have grown!

Dr. Destler mentioned in his Opening Day comments that the working groups that are looking into potential cost savings across campus will be providing recommendations to Dr. Watters that he will be bringing before the governance groups to review.   He anticipates that there will be adoption of some of these recommendations in time to impact the budget allocations for next fiscal year.

Amidst all this growth, the members of our community – both staff and faculty – are being asked to do this hard work and support this growth, while cutting costs.  This will indeed be a challenging year.   But I ask us all  - staff, faculty and administration – to take up the mantle and contribute to making this Institution truly one of the “Great Colleges to Work For”. 

My remarks at the President’s Opening Day ceremony centered around the annual list published in the Chronicle for Higher Education “Great Colleges to Work For”.  You can read the entirety of my remarks in the attached PDF file.  But to sum it up, I’d like to say we are all responsible for making RIT a great place to work.  So let’s all work hard together and strive for a place on the Chronicle’s ‘honor roll’ next year!

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