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Would it help if you could learn some signs to communicate more easily with our deaf students and colleagues?


Would it help if you could learn some signs to communicate more easily with our deaf and hard of hearing students and colleagues?  Did you know that the entire RIT community has access to an ASL/English sign language video dictionary?


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Staff Council Official Cost Containment Response

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As you are aware, in a memo dated October 30, 2012, President Destler charged the individual governance groups with reviewing and providing feedback related to the reports of the Cost Containment and Productivity teams.  In an effort to provide thorough feedback to the President, Staff Council reached out to staff on campus in several ways, which included:

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Cost Containment Open Forums & Online Survey

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President Destler has tasked the governance groups with gathering community response regarding the four Cost Containment Committee reports (RIT computer account required). As a follow up to my previous blog post (How to voice your reaction to the Cost Containment Reports), I would like to announce the dates and times of Staff Council's open community forums:

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How to voice your reaction to the Cost Containment Reports

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By now you have no doubt heard about the Cost Containment reports focused on procurement activities, information technology infrastructure, revenue generation and cost cutting, and employee benefits.  The complete reports from these committees, as well as President Destler’s cover letter, are available at (DCE login required).

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Dale Carnegie Training Recap/Staff Development

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In June Staff Council members were treated to a development exercise from Dale Carnegie Training. Typically training sessions like these are more in depth (weeks long) so the hour + session members were treated to was just a taste of the types of training that Dale Carnegie typically offers. I personally felt it was a really great experience and I would definitely recommend it to others that may need to put things in perspective especially in the current world wide economic climate these days.


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