Take advantage of a free educational resource while working at RIT. The Wallace Center, in partnership with CIAS, has made a subscription to available to all students, faculty and staff on campus. Lynda is a teaching platform developed to aid students, professors and professionals in teaching and learning software on a variety of subjects. Some of the topics covered include: photography, 3D animation, accounting fundamentals, marketing and IT.

Did you know that RIT has a Young Professionals group? Since 2010, we’ve organized professional development, volunteer events and networking events for higher education professionals at RIT.

Become a member of Staff Council. The work of Staff Council makes RIT a better place to work and learn, but it can do even more for you personally.

We’ve tried to get our amazing students to create an app to end this wintry weather, but so far it doesn’t seem to be happening.  So, with the recent severe weather, many questions have been posed regarding why the campus hasn’t closed and what goes into the decision to remain open.  The University policy on closings, C19.0 can be found here.  Many factors are considered when deciding whether or not to keep the campus open and the process begins with Public Safety calling the AVP G