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Spotlight: RIT Recreation

Do you know what RIT Recreation has to offer?  The recreation facilities at RIT provide opportunities for a variety of activities.  Picture yourself taking a walk on the nature trails, enjoying a game of tennis, playing basketball or racquetball, going for a swim, working out in the fitness center, or relaxing in the sauna.  There is something for everyone!  All you need is your RIT ID for access, and you’re on your way to enjoying a healthy and active lifestyle.  

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Staff Appreciation Day & Community Picnic Announcement

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Save the date: This year’s Staff Appreciation Day & Community Picnic is Wednesday, May 25th.

This year's picnic will include the “Bob Howie Memorial Classic Car Display”, Mini-Golf, and a Photo Booth. RITchie will also be there and there will be lots of fun, food, and friends! Join us in the Gordon Field House from 11AM-2PM.


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Kathleen’s “Better Me” Inspiration

Today's Better Me Inspirational Story is courtesy of Kathleen Martin. Kathleen has been with RIT for 35 years; the first 23 of which were with NTID.

I always thought Kathleen was a great professional role model ever since my first day here at RIT.  Kathleen facilitated the new hire session I attended when I started. She also impressed me the day she presented at Staff Council last year. Not only does she do everything with class and elegance she does it with a smile.  She is a very knowledgeable and engaging speaker who signs her own presentations.  

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Senior VP Dr. James Watters discusses the Better Me program

Photo of Dr. Watters speaking at the opening ceremony for Global Village

Recently I sat down for an interview with Dr. James Watters, RIT’s Senior Vice President of Finance and Administration, to talk about the Better Me program that he’s championed since it was introduced to the RIT community in 2007. Better Me is an employee wellness initiative which aims to “create a culture of health and wellness” by providing health education and a variety of resources to faculty and staff. I asked Dr.

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Happy First Day of Spring!

It is also the start of the community Eat Well Live Well Challenge so get those pedometers clipped on and let’s go…

We will be kick starting our Better Me Series again with a couple more Inspirational Stories to share as well as some information you may not know about The Student Life Center (SLC) and the future plans for the Better Me program.

 Below is some (vetted) information I received about the various places on campus to walk

One Mile =

8.5 laps in the Ice Arena

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So why should I join Staff Council?

That’s the question I asked Steve Schwab 6 years ago. Steve was the corporate relations director at that point, he was my peer in development and a Staff Council member. He said that I would have the chance to meet many people at RIT I would never come across in my day-to-day job and I would get a great view of what is going on at RIT. I trusted Steve so I went for it and he was right. I have met really great people from departments I did not know existed: First Year Enrichment, Building Services, Risk Management – who knew?

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2011 Staff Recognition Awards

Staff Council is now accepting nominations for the 2011 Staff Recognition Awards. These awards recognize individual staff members and/or teams of co-workers who have had a major impact on the university; who have excelled in the performance of their duties, promoted team work and inspired excellence in other members of the RIT community; staff members who personify RIT’s Core Values: 

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See Who is Coming to Staff Council

Upcoming FY11 Guests

2/10                 Lee Twyman               Ombuds Office – “Never the Wrong Place To Go”

2/24                 Lynn Rowoth               United Way Kick-off

                        Barb Giordano              United Way Kick-off

                        Char Ipacs                   United Way Kick-off      

4/14                  Dr. Destler                  Discussion with the President

4/28                 Don Gleason                Student Affairs Assessment & Research  

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Comfort Food from Nathan's Soup and Salad

Mon, 01/31/2011 - 10:26am -- Anonymous (not verified)

As I walked around campus the other day, the wind grabbed me with a freezing hand.  I needed something to warm me up.  I needed something to comfort my chilled bones.  I needed soup.  I immediately changed direction and headed toward the SAU.  I knew that Nathan’s Soup and Salad would welcome me with a variety of hot soups and tasty breads. 


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