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Technology makes us sedentary, and leads us to making bad, unhealthy choices.  So I thought, “Is there any way that technology could help us make incrementally better choices?”  What are the incentives you ask?  Well let’s start with feeling better.  Exercising increases your energy and motivation. There's no magic pill that can turn you into Rocky Balboa, but there are ways to fit in a daily exercise routine and help make you accountable by tracking your workouts.


Check out this article…..   Do smartphone apps have a role to play in healthcare?


Here are the names of the Apps that I really like:

  • 7min Workout or Office Fitness – for the body
  • Lumosity – for the mind


Please share your favorite app with us!  Go on, you know you want to  . . .


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Use this application to organize all your possessions fast, simply and comfortably. Be able to maintain an up to date listing of all your stored objects in the basement, storage room, garage, attic, anywhere.

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The only app I've added to my phone that falls under health and wellness is called, "Lose It!"  It is free and when I'm feeling like I've gained a few pounds, I use it for a few days to track my food choices. It's similar to Weight Watchers online but doesn't operate on points, but rather true caloric intake. You can track your exercise and set goals for yourself. Also, you can sign up to receive motivational emails. The best feature, in my opinion, is the ability to scan the bar code on any food items you are eating and it will automatically bring up the item and calories.