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Staff Council and Institute Committee Representatives


Executive Committee
Lauren Shields- Chair; Raman Bhalla - Vice Chair; Becky Kiely - Communications Officer; Dave Woodhams - Events Officer; Donna Black, Karen Ester, Hope Williams, Kevin Wilson

Communications Committee
Becky Kiely – Communications Officer;  Hope Williams, EC Liaison
Ilene Avallone, Kerry Hughes, Anthony Lam, Katrina Rex

Elections & Representation Committee
Kevin Wilson – EC Liaison;  
Kevin de la Sota, Pam Gierzak, Lynn Rowoth, Kathleen Schreier, Karel Shapiro, Deb Spencer 

Events Committee
Dave Wiiodhams – Events Officer
Barb Gasbarre, Sue Hefke, Adel Henen, Julia Lisuzzo, Tish Purcell, Gail Quartieri, Wendy Wheeler

Institute Issues & Policices Committee
Karen Ester, Donna Black – EC Liaisons   
Jeremy Babcock, Joanne Bagley, Stephanie Carlino, Sharon Kompalla-Porter, John LaFrance, James Macchiano, Justyna Oldziej, Marge Ryan, Paul Smarsh, Anne Walton
403-B Advisory Group 
Paul Lepkowski
Campus Aesthetics Committee 
Christine Corrado
Lydia Palmer
Diversity Committee of Academic Senate 
Henry Hinesley
Diversity Committee of the Board of Trustees
Raman Bhalla
Individual Conflict of Interest / Commitment Committee – 3 year term
Joanne Madonnia – term ending 6/15
Robyn Reafler - term ending 6/16
__________ - term ending 6/17
Institute Appeals Board 
Fredda Bishop, Nicole Boulais, Jeff Cox, Karen Ester, Ron Goldberg, Charlene Ipacs, Becky Kiely, Dave McCloskey,  
Institute Budget Hearings – 1 year term
Lauren Shields/Raman Bhalla

Institute Council – 1 year term

Raman Bhalla, Donna Black, Karen Ester, Becky Kiely, Sharon Kompalla-Porter, Lynn Rowoth, Lauren Shields, Paul Smarsh, Hope Williams, Kevin Wilson, Dave Woodhams

Institute Council Alternates – 1 year term
John LaFrance, Kerry Hughes, Tish Purcell, Kathleen Schreier, Anne Walton
Intellectual Property Policy Committee – 3 year term
Julia Lisuzzo – 2013/14 – 2015/16
Isaac L. Jordan Sr. Pluralism Award Selection Committee – 1 year term
Ombuds Advisory Committee – 2 year term  
Exempt – Kurt Ingerick –2014/15 – 2015/16 

Non-Exempt – Karel Shapiro –2013/14 – 2014/15
Oversight Committee for Sponsored Projects – three year term
Betsy Saxe – term ending 6/17
Parking Advisory Group – 2 year term
Robyn Reafler – 2013/14 – 2014/15
Dave Woodhams – 2012/13 – 2013/14
Parking Appeals Board – 2 year term; max 2 consecutive terms
Jeannette Tydings – 2012/13 – 2013/14
Clay Cooper – 2013/14 – 2014/15

Staff Recognition Awards Selection Committee – one year term


Sue Hefke