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Staff Council and Institute Committee Representatives


Executive Committee
Chair: Lauren Shields; Vice Chair:Raman Bhalla; Communications Officer: Becky Kiely; Events Officer: Dave Woodhams; At-Large: Donna Black, Karen Ester, Paul Smarsh, Hope Williams

Communications Committee
Communications Officer & Chair: Becky Kiely;  EC Liaison: Hope Williams
Ilene Avallone, Kerry Hughes, Anthony Lam, Katrina Rex

Elections & Representation Committee
EC Liaison: Paul Smarsh; Chair:  Lynn Rowoth
Kevin de la Sota, Pam Gierzak, , Kathleen Schreier, Karel Shapiro, Deb Spencer 

Events Committee
Events Officer: Dave Wiiodhams; Chair:  Tish Purcell
Barb Gasbarre, Adel Henen, Julia Lisuzzo, Gail Quartieri, Wendy Wheeler

Institute Issues & Policices Committee
EC Liaison & Chair: Karen Ester; EC Liaison: Donna Black
Jeremy Babcock, Joanne Bagley, Stephanie Carlino, Sharon Kompalla-Porter, James Macchiano, Justyna Oldziej, Marge Ryan, Anne Zachmeyer

403-B Advisory Group

James Macchiano


Campus Aesthetics Committee 

Lydia Palmer


Diversity Committee of Academic Senate

Henry Hinesley


Diversity Committee of the Board of Trustees

Raman Bhalla


Individual Conflict of Interest / Commitment Committee

Joanne Madonia – 3 year term ending 6/15

Robyn Reafler – 3 year term ending 6/16

Jeremy babcock – 3 year term ending 6/17


Institute Appeals Board

Fredda Bishop, Nicole Boulais, Jeff Cox, Karen Ester, Ron Goldberg, Charlene Ipacs, Becky Kiely, Dave McCloskey


Institute Budget Hearings – 2014/15

Lauren Shields, Raman Bhalla


Institute Council – 2014/15

Raman Bhalla, Donna Black, Karen Ester, Becky Kiely, Sharon Kompalla-Porter, Lynn Rowoth, Kathleen Schreier Rudgers, Lauren Shields, Paul Smarsh, Hope Williams, Dave Woodhams


Institute Council Alternates – 2014/15

Kerry Hughes, Tish Purcell


Institute Council By-Laws Review Committee

Karen Ester


Intellectual Property Policy Committee

Julia Lisuzzo – 2013/14 – 2015/16

Isaac L. Jordan Sr. Pluralism Award Selection Committee

Marge Ryan - 2014/15


Ombuds Advisory Committee   

Exempt: Kurt Ingerick – 2014/15 – 2015/16 
Non-Exempt: Karel Shapiro – 2013/14 – 2014/15

Outstanding Teaching Award for Non-Tenure-Track Faculty Selection Committee

Karel Shapiro - 2014/15


Oversight Committee for Sponsored Projects

Betsy Saxe – 3 year term ending 6/17


Parking Advisory Group

Robyn Reafler – 2013/14 – 2014/15

Barb Gasbarre – 2014/15 – 2015/16

Parking Appeals Board

Clay Cooper – 2013/14-2014/15 (2nd & last term)

Debbie Spencer – 2014/15-2015/16 (1st term)


Staff Recognition Awards Selection Committee

Justyna Oldziej