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Walk the woods at RIT

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Spring's almost here - it won't be long until the nature trail is as green as it was the day this photo was taken! 

Have you ever wondered if there was a serene (and easily accessible) place to escape during your lunch break or before/after your day of hustle and bustle at RIT? We have a wonderful resource available to us all, the nature trails on campus. The 1 ¼ miles of trails in the woods adjacent to the quarter mile are a great place for a walk or jog.

There is a 1 ¼ mile Nature Trail and a shorter Wildflower Trail where no bikes or motorized vehicles are allowed. They can be accessed on the side of the Student Health building and near the Grace Watson Hall. These trails would be a great option to get your steps in for the upcoming Eat Well Live Well challenge, which begins in mid March and to enjoy the much anticipated and approaching spring flora.

You can find maps online or pick up a printed brochure maps at the Student Life Center.

There are also suggested maps for jogging trails that range from 2-9 miles. These longer jogging routes direct you to the roads that surround campus like John St., Bailey Rd. and Ballantyne Rd.


Molly Johnson's picture

The attached photo was taken by Leslie Gregg from CAST MMETPS.