Staff Directory

Name Email Address Phone Number
Howard Ward
Associate Vice President for Student Auxiliary Services 585-475-6011
Kathy Harter
Sr. Staff Specialist/Assistant to the Assistant Vice President 585-475-4741
Jeremy Babcock
Executive Director, Housing Facilities 585-475-6971
Carla Dilella
Executive Director, Housing Operations 585-475-2878
Jessica DiTucci
Director of Financial Services 585-475-2471
Kurt Ingerick
Executive Director, Student Auxiliary Services 585-475-4640
Luke Mekker
Executive Director, University Arenas 585-475-6050
Kory Samuels
Executive Director, Dining Services 585-475-2285
Donna Sandlin
Director of Policy & Compliance 585-475-7913
Name Email Address Phone Number
Wendy Marks
Director Finance and Administration Galleries 585-475-3469
Jessica Serpe
University Gallery Events Manager 585-475-2866
Name Email Address Phone Number
Denishea Ortiz
Director, Strategic Marketing and Retail Product Management 585-475-7009
Shauna Cross
Design and Development for Student Auxiliary Services 585-475-7121
Name Email Address Phone Number
Rona Skinner
Executive Director, Business Strategies & Technology 585-475-2936
Leo Makosky
Associate Applications Administrator 585-475-2812