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Staff Directory

Employee Email Address Contact
Dr. James H. Watters
Senior Vice President for Finance & Administration 585-475-2378
Judy Bender
Assistant Vice President, Human Resources 585-475-4315
Marjorie Bricks
Executive Assistant; Manager of Real Estate Operations 585-475-2269
Jeanne Casares
Associate Vice President and Chief Information Officer 585-475-4455
Bobby Colón
Chief Legal Officer 585-475-6932
Patrick Didas
Assistant Vice President, Institute Audit, Compliance & Advisement 585-475-6826
Erika Duthiers
Assistant Vice President and Chief Compliance & Ethics Officer | Deputy General Counsel 585-475-6111
Joan Graham
Assistant Vice President, Institutional Research and Policy Studies 585-475-6079
Lyn Kelly
Associate Vice President, Controller and Assistant Treasurer 585-475-2946
Ross Koenig
Assistant Vice President, Budget & Financial Planning Services 585-475-2956
John Moore
Assistant Vice President, Facilities Management Services 585-475-2154
Howard Ward
Associate Vice President, Student Auxiliary Services 585-475-6011
John Zink
Associate Vice President, Global Risk Management Services 585-475-6131