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University Forms

For any university forms please see go to the Registrar's page. Their forms are updated pretty regularly, so it is always best to pull it directly from their site.  On this page you will find forms like the Add/Drop, Change of Program, Minor Authorization, Leave of Absence, etc. If you are looking for a form and do not see it on their site or below, please ask your advisor and they will be able to direct you to the form.

Internal Forms

Internal forms are forms that we use within the Computing Security Department only. For students that are looking to do an Internal Independent Study, a Co-op Waiver, or take a Graduate Course need departmental approval, but not institutional approval. If you are looking to have approval for the forms below, you will need to talk with your advisor about the process.

Co-op Waiver Based On Previous Experience

Independent Study

Request to take a Graduate Level Course