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Students in the Computing Security degree program will use a variety of labs in the Golisano College during their academic career at RIT. Each academic unit has lab facilities that are specific to and support the aspect of the computing discipline they teach. The two security centric labs are:

  • Security Lab (GOL-2410)
  • Digital Forensics and Mobile Security Lab (GOL-2330)
  • Click here for the current open hour schedules.

Security Lab

The Security Lab includes 13 tables/benches with two tower workstations and multiple monitors running VMWare and a switch on each. It is also equipped with dual projectors for purposes of instruction and demonstration. One of the most important features of this lab environment is that it is isolated with an “air-gap” (e.g. No PC or network equipment access to outside networks.) to protect the college and campus infrastructure from inadvertent attack traffic that is generated, diagnosed, and studied as part of the experimentation that is part of the courses taught in this lab.

 The lab also houses eight equipment cabinets filled with network and systems security equipment. Four of the cabinets are currently dedicated to a research project led by Professor Johnson and Professor Stackpole called VASE. The remaining cabinets provide the equipment used for system and network security exercises, the exploration of malware, and the practice of security auditing techniques.  There is a complement of necessary equipment including PCs, switches, routers, firewall appliances, and McAfee Intrushield 2600 Sensor Applicances. Portable rolling racks are also available from the Networking labs if a more extensive infrastructure needs to be constructed.  These rolling racks include: Extreme Summit 200 Layer 3 Switches, Cisco PIX 515 Firewalls, Cisco 2811 Routers, Cisco 2621s and other equipment as it is available.

Digital Forensics and Mobile Security Lab

The Digital Forensics and Mobile Security Lab includes 12 tables/benches with two workstations running VMWare, one Mac for forensic examination, and a switch on each. It is also equipped with projection to accommodate instruction and demonstration. This lab while Internet connected sits behind a firewall which provides some limited protection. The course experimentation that goes on in this lab does not include harmful traffic but the architected environment allows the class specific experimentation to stay on our internal network. The lab includes equipment racks that house wireless equipment used in in wireless security experimentation as well as other necessary network equipment.  The software and hardware necessary to develop expertise in forensic techniques as well as mobile security are provided in this environment as needed.  This lab is adjacent to our equipment cage which hosts a variety of additional equipment that can be check out by students to build experimental computing infrastructures to enhance their learning.