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Gamified Digital Forensics Course Modules for Undergraduates

This project uses the Game-Based Learning (GBL) approach that presents forensics concepts and practices technology in games to engage students’ learning. A sequence of entertaining, yet educational digital forensics modules will be built into games in a real computing environment that has direct access to the latest forensics software. In contrast to the traditional teaching approach, the modular approach utilizing GBL and visualization techniques will engage students to learn intangible and inaccessible abstract concepts that are such as deleted/hidden/encrypted/over-written digital evidence, and to effectively convey critical facets of computer forensics. This approach will also encourage students to explore forensics investigation technologies and procedures via hands-on experience. We aim to demonstrate that the GBL and visualization approach is especially effective in engaging and improving entry-level students’ learning in advanced fields such as digital forensics that involve understanding abstract concepts and hands-on practice. The design with GBL and visualization in a real computing environment can be replicated and adapted by other science programs in the near future.
Sponsor: NSF
PI: Dr. Yin Pan and Co-PI: Dr. Sumita Mishra